Being Thankful

I am thankful for many things in my life. One thing I am thankful for is my German Shephard, Mishka. My family and I rescued Mishka five years ago. Mishka is very friendly, I love her very much. I think Mishka is 9 to 11 years old now. We don’t know much about her because she is a rescue, but her story is incredible.

My brother and I didn’t know we were getting a new dog. When we got Mishka, we already had another German Shephard named Murdoc. If you couldn’t tell, my family loves German Shephards. Anyway, we had just come back from school when my mom told us we were going to the lake across the street. When we went to the lake, we took Murdoc with us. We were just talking while walking around. All of a sudden, I see my dad walking up to us with a beautiful German Shephard. I was so confused, I didn’t know what was going on. My mom and dad explained to my brother and me that they rescued Mishka. I was so happy, we started to pet Mishka. Even though she didn’t know us, her tail was wagging, I think she was as overjoyed as we were.

I just told you how thankful I am for my dog. Unlike Mishka, many animals are strays. I am a major animal lover, when commercials of homeless animals come on TV, I have to change the channel. These poor animals don’t have homes, or people to love them. Especially with a holiday coming up, it is sad to see animals with no owners. No one wants to be alone for the holidays, same goes for homeless animals. If I could help all the homeless animals I would, in a heartbeat.

I am thankful for many things. I am thankful for family, friends, and my dogs. I could go on and on for what I am thankful for. Imagine how grateful an animal would be if you adopted them. Even if you just showed them some affection, they would be grateful. In conclusion, I am thankful for many things in my life. What are you thankful for?

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